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Tamerlane is connecting the world medical markets with Canada’s extensive network of licensed medical producers and processors. As one of the world's first federally legal markets, Canada is known for producing premium quality medicine from the legacy days. 

Tamerlane Canada provides verified access to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), EU-GMP, and Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP) certified product.

Tamerlane Canada manages every aspect of exporting medical cannabis from Canada. From sourcing GACP or GMP medical product, grading and quality verifying each shipment, to managing the export documentation process and coordinating the international logistics.

Tamerlane Canada clients also enjoy our exclusive online marketplace, where you can browse and filter 1000s of listings, and search product types by criteria such as environment, process, product, grade, potency, testing, price and more. Learn more about the online marketplace here.

GMP Certified, EU-GMP Certified, GACP Certified
Quality Matters

ICHS Quality-Verified

All cannabis material is quality-verified in compliance with the International Cannabis and Hemp Standards (ICHS). The ICHS certification process includes product classification, quantitative and qualitative analysis, quality verification, and data collection. A Certificate of Grade (COG) is then issued and will accompany each shipment.

Tamerlane Trading are the first to provide quality-verified material to the global market using a Certificate of Grade. The COG puts transparency into the hands of every buyer and supplier, ensuring the qualitative and quantitative data of each harvest is tracked from seed-to-sale.

This third-party quality verification streamlines the supply chain, infusing trust into each order and avoiding costly mistakes which waste time and money. This allows Tamerlane to provide the very best quality at the lowest prices to our international buyers.

International Access

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All Qualities & Material Types Available
Tamerlane Canada has what you are looking for from Premium Indoor A-Flower to Distillate and more.

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Premium Quality & Commodity Crops
Our Canadian supply chain provides product from craft micro producers and some of the largest operators in the world.

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International Marketplace
Online international Marketplace access is coming soon.

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If you are a seller located in a country other than Canada and can legally export your product please reach out. 

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